A Request . . .

I’ve been trying to play a Christian movie at the prison once a month. Several months ago, the prison librarian, let me have my Bible study in the library. Now, anyone in the prison can come. It has been a wonderful opportunity!

I have the guard announce movie night and every month some new guys show up. And some come back for more Bible studies! Last time, I had a new guy. I found out he’s the son of a lady that goes to the Mansion Church here in Bangor. It’s a downtown mission that I work with. She just got approved to go see him. So I told her she could ride to Charleston with me to go see him. Isn’t God good! ?

So my reason for writing you is to ask if you might be willing to help me buy some Christian movies. The librarian told me I could buy the DVD’s and donate them to the library. To give you an idea, strong valued Christian movies like “The War Room”, or “Fireproof” is the type of DVD’s I need.

I thought this list may be helpful.
Movies somebody’s promised to donate
• The War Room
• ‎Fireproof
• ‎Flywheel
• ‎Facing the Giants
• ‎New World Order

Movies I would like . . .
(Some movies can be found on www.Amazon.com)
• ‎The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
• ‎Time Changer

Movies that already have been donated

• The Grace Card
• The Passion
• ‎Woodlawn
• ‎Courageous
• ‎The Son of God
• ‎Courage
• ‎The Nativity Scene
• ‎The Case for Christ
• ‎Do You Believe
• ‎What If
• ‎Gallows Road
• ‎Coat of Many Colors

One woman from the Sunday School class has generously donated a gift so we can buy popcorn and coffee. That will be a real treat for the guys! If you don’t know what movie to buy, maybe you can send us a couple dollars and I will buy a movie we don’t have.

Please pray above all else!
Thank you!

If you can help, it will be so appreciated! I certainly understand if you can’t.

God Bless,
Pastor Tom Shuford
Psalm 23 Jail & Prison Ministry

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  1. Tom Post author

    Thank you Lord for using your people! Several people have donated. On a side note, please pray for me, I am very sick with flu like symptoms. God Bless!

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