Back to God Business!

Thanks for your prayers!

Before Christmas, my dialysis access arm became infected, I went to visit the vascular surgeon and he immediately had me in surgery to repair my dialysis graft. Dr. Andrew Sherwood in Bangor, Maine is wonderful! He is a fellow Christian and goes to my church here. He has taken care of my dialysis graft for almost two years. Thanks Andrew! I’m gradually getting back to God Business.

I have been pretty sick since November with bronchitis and surgery. I lost a lot of strength and stamina but God is gradually allowing me to get back to business! His business! I showed a religious Christian movie to my prison Bible study group in Charleston, Maine on New Years Day, Then last night, I was able to go to the jail Bible study in Bangor. Many of the guys interacted with us about the Bible and the Lord! And a couple of guys asked me to visit them on Saturday. I will if I can! It is a blizzard here in Northern Maine today. We have a foot to a foot and a half now and they are saying a lot more is on it’s way.

I want to thank all those who have prayed for me! Terry Dinkins kept the guys at the jail up-to-date on my condition. Thanks Terry D!

I also want to ask you to pray for my wife, Terry Shuford. She went to the doctor and got a diagnosis of pre-cancer. She is trying to get some financial help to have a test to make 100% sure there is no cancer. She drives me to all the correction facilities and does so much more for me, including dialysis.

God Bless all of you!

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