Praise The Lord!

Great Bible study!

Last night, I had a great Bible study at the prison! Praise the Lord! Many of you have heard the story in the Bible of Nicodemus and how he came to Jesus and learned about the new birth. That’s what we talked about. Then I tried to help them apply it to their lives and there was a lot of questions. Afterwards, one of the newer guys said that was the best Bible study he’s been to!

I had a great response to my request to help with my monthly movie ministry. Some churches helped out with Christian movies and other churches and individuals helped out in other ways. For example, one person wants to help with popcorn and coffee while we watch the movies. Movie night has already brought in some new guys and some have continued to come to the weekly Bible studies. Thank you all who have contributed or continues to help this ministry through financial and/or prayer support! You are apart of this ministry too. It would be alot harder to do the Lord’s work without you!

On a side note, I have been going to in-center dialysis for 2 weeks. It is alot different in many ways from doing it at home. I am slowly feeling better. Thank God and thank those of you that have prayed for me. Another praise is that the Lord helped me work out my transportation issues. Someone drives me about an hour north of my house for 3 times a week, 4 hours a treatment. Once again, thank each of you for your prayers!

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